Monica Pflugh
Expert: 8z Realtor

8z Fort Collins

When relocating to Fort Collins we were fortunate to work with an 8z agent and learn about their client-focused culture from the perspective of a buyer. Having already been licensed in California, I quickly went to work obtaining my Colorado Broker’s license. After completing the exams I interviewed with several companies, but my heart had already settled on 8z. Now that I have been with 8z for a little while I cannot imagine a team that is better suited to me and my desire to help clients find the right property to check off their wish list. While I am relatively new to the city, I have enjoyed taking advantage of many of the activities in the area. When researching and visiting Fort Collins, we fell in love with everything the area has to offer and quickly made the decision to purchase a home and move ourselves and our puppy family across state lines. We found our current home in the Mid-Town Fort Collins area and genuinely love the location. We are in the midst of a full renovation of the property and are enjoying the process and all of the new experiences it is bringing. We are constantly on the lookout for properties to add to our investment portfolio, as a result I have quickly become acquainted with the area and the benefits of each part of town. I am always excited to talk updates with clients and friends to help them realize the full potential of the properties they view. Whether you are looking to buy your first home, your next home, your dream home, an investment property, or anything in between; I want to help you find the home that will be best suited to you and your goals. I believe that real estate is one of, if not the, best investments we can make. Choosing properties with the right characteristics and appeal can lead to you owning stable, long-term investments, as well as a home that you can be excited to return to each evening. We selected this area to live and invest in because we see the capability for this market to continue to grow. As you prepare to buy or sell, I look forward to helping you navigate this ever-changing real estate market!